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When it comes to properties Ibeju-lekki is ‘the place’, “why Ibeju-lekki?” you may ask. Here are some of the facts you need to know.
Strategically Lagos is divided along two axis – the Mainland and Island, over the years governance has been geared towards providing infrastructure that will cater for the needs of the people of these areas independently. Well, success rate is another point of discuss but an attempt has already been push forward backed by grandiose plan, moreover the crème de la crème residents on the island are tired of crisscrossing between the two axis to access major Government facilities.
Lagos State with an area of 3577 square kilometres is the smallest in the federation though the most densely populated in Land area. The consequences on the Land area are manifested in problems of housing, provision of basic infrastructure such as water supply, roads, storm drainage, reliable electricity, waste disposal and social infrastructure like Schools, Hospitals and recreational centres the list is inextensible.
land in ibeju lekki


Airport is coming and believe it or not it will come. Can you imagine the number of hours it takes people coming from Ajah to get to Muritala Mohammed Airport (be it local or International) its s whole day affair and if you are not careful u can miss your flight due to the unpredictable nature of lagos traffic. So it received great ovation when the Lagos State Government muted the idea of another Airport at Ibeju-Lekki.
The Lagos State Government established the Lagos Airport Development Company (“LADC”) solely for the purposes of managing the development of the proposed Lekki Airport. The primary objective for the development of the Lekki airport is to complement and support the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (“MMIA”), the only functional international Airport in Western Nigeria. Additionally, it is the state’s desire for the airport to develop into the a new hub for business and travel in the west African region, creating an environment of excellence for national, regional and international companies.
The above singularly makes it a huge prospect for investors but if you wait till the Airport is fully functional before taking an investment decision then you will be paying a huge premium then, I believe now is better.


Am sure its no longer news that the LAGOS FREE TRADE ZONE (LFTZ) is there which houses a conglomerate of firms, organizations and Industry but what you may not know yet is that the richest man in Africa is tapping into the area before you
The President of Dangote Group of Companies, Alhaji Aliko Dangote unveiled a lofty plan to invest a whopping sum of over $9 billion (an equivalent of N1.53 trillion) in Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) alone.
Consequently, Dangote said the investment, which will be committed to the development of Dangote Refineries and Petrochemical Company, would benefit no fewer than 8,000 engineers aside from other jobs to be created. The refinery is to produce 400,000 barrels a day.
We all know the workers there will need an abode right not to mention other commercial activities that the chain reaction of such investment will trigger, if you ask me it is worth a shot.


We all know our brothers from the Eastern part of Nigeria don’t play with their “Containers” and anywhere ibos are present, business is assured. oh! I forgot to mention that a SEAPORT is also coming there which will allow our brethren from the East clear their goods on time, no dulling.
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